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Working at Jingle Bells

If you’re tired of struggling to earn an average wage, you might consider a confidential position with Western Sydney’s favourite brothel.

Girls cut guaranteed at $100 for 30 minutes

Getting work in a licensed Sydney Brothel

Make money at a licensed Sydney Brothel
We are very discreet in both our location and how our house is run. You can make many times your weekly wage, in 3-4 evenings a week. In operation since 2004, we have access to a loyal clientele that is the envy of others and our security is second to none. So give us a call for a confidential conversation to see if this career could work for you.

You can look forward to the highest standards in the industry for the whole of Western Sydney. You will be rewarded with access to hundreds of regular clients.

Your cut guaranteed at $100 for half an hours work.

A confidential position with our elite, highly discreet courtesan agency, could net you 6x your weekly wage, in 3-4 evenings a week.

CALL NOW on (02) 9757 1110 for a friendly chat and find out!

Testimonal from our Nicky….

Hi Ladies,

Get work at a Sydney BrothelLooking for a safe, lucrative way to make money as an escort, but not able to get the client numbers you are looking for?

Jingle Bells Girls can help you get a steady stream of clients all who are safe and ready to book you for appointments.

Jingle Bells Girls need only work 3-4 evening a week to make a great weekly wage.

Jingle Bells Girls not only will provide you with a more than generous cut ($100 for just 30 min), they offer unparalleled security and discretion, so you will know you are completely safe while doing your job and making the kind of money you deserve.

Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!

I guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun with me and the other Jingle Bells girls.

CALL NOW on (02) 9757 1110

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