At Jingle Bells we believe in a fair price for a great service. Unlike many fine City establishments we are able to offer more reasonable rates for our sexy girls. Many escorts in Sydney will leave a big hole in your pocket and that can be understandable if they are based on Sydney Harbour or in Sydney CBD.

At Jingle Bells we are conveniently located for Sydney’s Western Suburbs. Close to the M7, the M4 and the Great Western Highway

Half an hour $180
45 Minutes $230
1 hour $280

7 comments on “Rates

  1. little too much for a pensioner

  2. Hi Peter, we think our prices are very fair. We do not want to exploit our customers or our staff. It is a balancing act to make sure that staff are paid fairly, the business can run at a realistic profit and that our customers can afford to continue to visit us. We think we have the balance just right. Hope to see you again soon, xx


  4. I would have to see the girls to know if the rates are worth it. However this is not anything extreme imo.

    Quick question…..
    Are there any ebony / black women working here ? I have found it hard to find nice ebony women at most establishments in sydney………very unfortunate…….

  5. Can i do 69 position there?

  6. i think the rates are more than reasonable considering the QUALITY OF SERVICE and the gorgeous women available. these girls are very professional and really look after their customers and have fun doing it…i have only been there three times and have NEVER left disappointed, each time my expectations were exceeded. Thank you Michelle, Candy and Brooke. Will be back for seconds girls…….

  7. James ive done 69er there they love it lol

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