Wetherill Park Brothel

The best brothel in Wetherill Park has to be Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells is  a much loved house of fun and sexiness in the heart of Western Sydney, with great girls who love to have fun and can be very naughty.

We always have lots of  girls available for you to choose from or you can be greedy and have more than one at a time!

We have a great atmosphere and love to have fun, so come and join us in the heart of Wetherill Park at Western Sydney’s favourite brothel.


Or call us on 02 9757 1110

History of Wetherill Park

Jingle Bells respects the indigenous owners of the land, the Cabrogal clan of the Gandangara tribe, who have lived in the area for more than 30,000 years.

After the European settlement of the land of course, things changed in Wetherill Park dramatically and now Wetherill Park is mixed residential and industrial are that is dominated by the Prospect Reservoir.

An unusual fact about the areqa is that many of the streets in Wetherill Park are named after famous authors. For example: Vidal Street, Shakespeare Street, Stevenson Street, Locke Street, Gogol Place, Swinburne Crescent, Homer Place, Emerson Street, Wordsworth Street, Dickens Road, Longfellow Street, Chaucer Street, Ainsworth Crescent, Coleridge Road, Frost Close, Gissing Street, Maugham Crescent and Langland Street.

History of Jingle Bells, Wetherill Park Brothel

Jingle Bells Brothel has been running for a decade and is Western Sydney’s standard bearer of how to run a safe, healthy brothel. High standards of cleanliness, safe sex practice and great management have meant that Jingle Bells Brothel has always delivered the highest quality service to its customers.

Wetherill Park Brothels and sexual health

Working girls and admin staff all take pride in being clear with their clients about safe sex practice in a friendly and informative way. Wetherill Park Brothels take take sexual health matters with the utmost seriousness and attention. Jingle Bells Brothel is no exception to this. Your safety and the safety of our girls is our priority.

On opening in Wetherill Park, Jingle Bells immediately became the punters choice in the area. Parking is easy as we have space for many cars to park infront of our brothel on Sleigh Street but behind a screen of fence and plants so your car is not visible from the street. On top of this Sleigh Street itself is located in the industrial zone so there are no prying eyes from walk by traffic and very few viehicles use the street as it is a cul-de-sac.

Our friendly and helpful attitude, fantastic and fun decor, Jingle Bells of all Wetherill Park Brothels is the place to  relax and enjoy yourself… and perhaps be a little bit naughty.

2 comments on “Wetherill Park Brothel

  1. I would like get more information

  2. 17/1/14
    Ivy , lovely lady so friendly and has the nicest smile ,this has to be the best place iv been to ,will be back soon
    Thanks ivy 🙂

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