Super Sexy Candy – Sydney Babe

Australian busty blonde with DD’s. Raunchy, passionate and a little bit naughty, especially with other ladies.

Candy is great favourite with both the boys and girls for being a natural nymphomaniac – a girl so in love with seduction and sensuality that she can change your whole perspective on the nature of intimacy, passion and sex.

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Lesbian Double Special

Candy loves to be loved by men but loves it even more if she can be loved by a boy and a girl at the same time. And she loves to love too and just adores another woman’s body in the mix with a man.

You’ll have a lot of fun with a Candy double trouble lesbian double special that’s for sure… just make sure your heart is strong before booking.

3 comments on “Candy

  1. Thanks Candy for an unforgettable time….I can’t quite believe we did some of the things we did. J

  2. Fantastic lover….thanks babe…see you again soon

  3. Best ass ive ever hit in my entire life!!!!!!!!
    Sooooo full and perky but unbelievably soft 😉 words cant describe how good it feels when you hit it lol ….. Like nothing youv ever felt man;) seriously , Put it this way my eyes rolled back into my head when i felt the way it slapped around on me as i hit it the first couple of times!!!! Then i hit it like a madman possessed …. 😉 of course!
    Fkn unbelievable !!! Thats all i can say gents , highly recommended especially for doggy style lovers;) and great chick too

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