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The Camel’s Hump Position

A special favourite of our Sally

Jingle Bells buttocksThe legendary Camel’s Hump will have her standing and leaning against a wall or holding onto something like a windowsill or bed-end for support. You will take your chances from behind her and bends your legs until you are low enough for the customary penetration from the rear.

You will both need to bend your legs until you’ve found a position of comfort and bliss, and then it’s a gentle bouncing your way to a climax.

This one takes some practice to perfect as it’s not as easy as it sounds, so if she finds it hard to balance, she can bend over until she’s confident enough to stand up. If there’s a discrepancy in height, pop her onto a step or the edge of a bed.

Enjoy sex sensibly and safely. Always use protection, never fake an orgasm, feel free to scream the house down.

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