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Sydney Hookers

What is the best thing about Sydney? Well it’s legal to use adult services for a start. Sydney Hookers are found in three ways.

  1. Street Walking
  2. Private Situation
  3. Sydney Brothels

sydneyhookers1. The classic way of old is the street hooker, always been with us and likely always will be. This is the time honoured method of dressing up as trashily as you possibly can so that there is little doubt in the mind of the needy gentleman punter driving by in his Toyota that you are available for pleasure. Jingle Bells does not endorse this method. In fact we try to do are bit in making sure these girls have other options by running the best brothel in Wetherill Park, Western Sydney so that there is an alternative. We also support the work of SWOP NSW and the Scarlet Alliance to keep prostitution in NSW safe.
We highly recommend that anyone involved in street prostitution familiarises themselves with the law, be they a working girl or a punter. For  more information please visit SWOP

2. Private girls advertising their services online and in the printed press have grown enormously in number over the last few years. Again this is not a working practice that we endorse as there are dangers involved for the any Sydney hooker who does this. It is much safer for you to work at a licensed brothel such as Jingle Bells. Sydney hookers have a great reputation internationally and Sydney men who use adult services are on the whole very respectful. Of course there are always exceptions. In a well run Sydney licensed brothel like Jingle Bells there is far more safely for the working girl and guys know that they cannot get away with bad behaviour.

3. Sydney Brothels are mostly licensed. The few that are not at any one time tend to come and go quickly before the authorities catch up with them. Always ask if the brothel you intend to visit is licensed or not. There is a big difference in quality of service, safety and experience. Most licensed Sydney Brothels are well run, clean, follow safe sex principles, are drug free and look after their staff and clients health, needs and concerns. A well run brothel like Jingle Bells takes the worry out of your adult entertainment needs and will make sure you have fun every time.

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